Heralds Belong!

Alex, Senior

Formula for Success

Alex got a head start on college by taking AP classes and Cal State Fullerton classes at WCHS. “My best academic experience was passing the AP Chemistry exam — the most difficult AP exam,” he says. Learn more about WCHS academics.

A Solid Foundation

“My Christian faith has been strengthened by chapel every Wednesday and the teachers,” Alex says. “Their encouragement to go against society’s norms has allowed me to dive into my faith and honor God in everything I do.” Learn more about spiritual life at WCHS.

God and the Gridiron

Alex credits his football coaches with helping him to succeed on and off the field. “They great improved my skills, but they also helped to build my character,” he says. Learn more about WCHS athletics.

A Helping Hand

Last Thanksgiving, the football team helped pass out dinners to families in need. “It really opened my eyes to witness those less fortunate than us,” Alex says. Learn more about service opportunities at WCHS.