Academic Diploma Programs

Because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education,

families at Whittier Christian High School are able choose one of three academic tracks, which vary according to each student’s academic needs and future goals.

  • Alpha Honors Program

    For students who desire an accelerated start on their college careers, the Alpha Honors Program gives students the opportunity to earn up to a year’s worth of college units during their years at Whittier Christian High School. Through a combination of Advanced Placement courses and California State University, Fullerton, courses taught by WCHS faculty on our campus, some of our graduates are able to begin college as a sophomore.

  • College Prep Program

    For students who plan to attend a four-year college after graduation, the College Prep Program meets all of the admission requirements of the California State University system and most private four-year colleges and universities.

  • High School Diploma Program

    For students who plan to pursue vocational or community college after graduation, the High School Diploma Program offers a curriculum that meets all the state guidelines.

Academic Departments


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom... Proverbs 9:10. The Bible department of Whittier Christian is committed to help each young person who passes through WCHS grow in their faith in the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. The teachers, committed to the inerrancy of Scripture have developed four (4) years of Bible instruction that will aid their students knowledge of the Christian faith and how it applies to their everyday life. The students will be aided in developing a Christian world view and understand the impact that this world view has not only on a Christian’s personal life but also how it impacts the society and culture they live in. The ultimate goal is to help every young person develop a faith of their own that will stand firm in the face of any opposition they may face as they leave WCHS.


Computer Applications Class – This is a one year course designed to introduce students to the variety of computer programs available and how to use them in their everyday life. Windows 7 will be the operating system and the study of software includes Microsoft Office 2010 with Word, Excel, Access and Power Point being explored in great detail. Google’s’ version of those programs will be also be taught, allowing a seamless transition between the two programs and teaching students to share work and edit together. Also included is a short tutorial on projects using the new presentation program Prezi. The year is finished with an introduction to Desktop Publishing using Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop. This course also includes an emphasis on learning and developing keyboarding skills, along with formatting and document processing. The program used is called MicroType and develops and checks student keyboarding skills. The intent and focus of the class is to prepare students with skills that would serve as a foundation for college and in the future job market.


The WCHS English curriculum covers learning in the following core skill areas: writing, close reading of literature, grammar, research, and vocabulary. In each of these core areas, the English Department has developed a continuum of skills from the most basic to the most challenging: The classes range from literature and composition classes with a focus on remediation, college preparation, honors, and AP. The curriculum includes a four-year vocabulary program as well as literature that progresses from general reading to specific American, British, and world literature texts. Literature advances through reading comprehension to analyzing and synthesizing; literary elements build and increase in complexity. The department has a long-established research paper project, intensifying in difficulty and expectations over the four years. The department stays current with the expectations of colleges/universities to ensure the preparedness and success of our students as they transition to each grade level and finally to a college or vocational program. The department’s continuous communication and detailed understanding of its students’ abilities help to develop a strategy for achieving high standards and meeting the expectations of the future.

Languages Other Than English

This department affords opportunities for students to become proficient in one of three languages, Spanish, French and German. Emphasis is placed on speaking and writing proficiency as well as listening and reading comprehension. An honors track is available for students learning Spanish, culminating in an opportunity to participate in the Advanced placement examination administered by College Board.

Level I through IV classes are offered for Spanish, German and French.


The WCHS Mathematics Department offers three levels of coursework that provide students the opportunity to study mathematics at a level that meets their needs, to develop the tools for further studies in mathematics and science, and to appreciate the attributes of God demonstrated in mathematics. It is our goal to encourage students to deepen their understanding in mathematics and recognize how mathematics shows the infiniteness of God and the absoluteness of God. Through a chronological study of mathematics, students increase their knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Math classes also focus on using mathematics in real-world contexts. Additional help is available to students; each teacher arranges times outside of the regular class period to work with students who need additional instruction. Algebra 1 and geometry students have online resources available to re-teach or give additional clarity to concepts explained in class. By mastering the concepts and skills of each level of mathematics, students are prepared to continue their study of mathematics, to use mathematics in science, and to deal with the mathematics needed in everyday life skills.

We are pleased with the recent increase in standardized test scores in mathematics. More than 70 percent of our students take the SAT and score above the national averages. Those students in the honors mathematics track also take a test required by Cal State Fullerton to enter calculus as seniors. These students have over a 90 percent pass rate. Graduates have indicated a high degree of preparedness for college level mathematics and science courses.

Physical Education

The WCHS Physical Education Department offers two distinct opportunities for students to better their physical fitness and well-being. Our goal is to use our physical education and weight training classes to educate students on the importance of their physical bodies, while implementing lifelong fitness techniques. Learning technique and implementing it in a high-intensity workout is of the utmost importance to the department. Technique of the Olympic lifts used is important to prevent injury and implement a workout that will develop a student’s physical fitness. High-intensity workouts are an important tool for improving fitness levels, as well as the development of learned work ethic. Working hard is something that can be learned and is an aspect that the department expects out of each student taking a physical education course. Physical fitness can be exhausting; learning to take your body to that point of exhaustion and developing a character of work is a great aspect of these courses.


The Whittier Christian Science Department is dedicated to improving students’ comprehension and analytical skills in the natural sciences. State goals, performance standards, technological use, and reading components provide the framework in developing the courses within the department. Students in the natural sciences study the natural world along with its composition and interactions. The interdisciplinary nature of the subjects, allow students to understand the interactions between the various branches of science such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics. The goals of the WCHS Science Department are to promote scientific literacy, encourage inquiry, advance critical thinking, improve investigative skill, and develop problem solving techniques. All the courses offered through the department emphasize laboratory experiences and hands-on approaches to engage students and maximize student comprehension of the academic disciplines within science.

Social Studies

The WCHS Social Studies Department encourages students to develop a worldview that integrates historical understanding and the Christian faith, and builds upon the moral and spiritual values inculcated by their families and communities. Social studies is central to Christian education because it challenges people to think differently about themselves and about their world. Therefore, freedom from the parochialism of time, place, and circumstance is the primary objective of the study of social studies at Whittier Christian. At each level of instruction, members of the department seek to encourage intellectual rigor, analytical thought and writing, and dispassionate judgment in introducing students to the serious study of human experience in time and place.

History is the analytical reconstruction of the past, both distant and recent. Knowledge of the past gives us greater understanding of ourselves and our world through “historical thinking,” unraveling and explaining the complex causes, actions, and effects of human events. The disciplined study of the past cultivates the analytical abilities that allow us to understand human activity, recognize enduring similarities, discover how our worlds are different, appreciate the strength of diversity, and work productively in a pluralistic society. The study of history stimulates our understanding of the complexity of the human experience.

Government and economics courses are designed to introduce students to the basic concepts and methods of the disciplines. It is also our aim that students who complete these courses will be able to critique major theories concerning government and economics and that they will consider the implications of their faith to the study and practice of political power and business.

Directed Studies

What does Directed Studies offer?

Directed Studies is a program of intensive educational therapy during one class period. This can be either in individual or small group setting of 2-4 students. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason and process information. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling and math, applying reasoning skills within each area. The goal is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life.

Reading Group is designed for students who struggle with reading comprehension. Establishing the essential foundational skills necessary for reading is the focus of this class with no more than four students. This intervention provides explicit and systematic reading instruction.

Directed Study Hall offers a small group study environment of no more than 7 students where students can practice study skills in a teacher guided Study hall.

Students in our program benefit from the following academic accommodations:

  • Report testing results to teachers and make recommendations for working with the student in the classroom.
  • Review student's progress reports and help student monitor EDLINE
  • Intervene for the student as necessary while teaching them to advocate for themselves
  • Provide the student with a quiet place for testing as needed
  • Encourage the student to establish study skills necessary for classroom success
  • Collaborate with parents and student to develop future educational plans and explore post-secondary options.

A separate fee is charged for Directed Studies in addition to regular school tuition. Costs for educational therapy may be tax deductible for students with diagnosed learning disabilities.

Ipads at WCHS

Tools & Technology For A New Generation of Leaders


  • Whittier Christian High School's 1:1 (Bring Your Own Device) iPad Instructional Program

    Whittier Christian High School exists to equip our students in the areas of academics, service, and leadership so that they may become the next generation of Christian thought leaders.  While the goals of highter-level thinking and lifelong learning have not changed, the tools and techniques of education have changed.  Students today must utilize current technology to compete both in education and career.  We are excited to introduce the 1:1 (Bring Your Own Devide) iPad Instructional Program to help them excel in our changing world.

  • Ipad Infographic


  • Approximately 99 percent of Whittier Christian High School graduates go on to college in any given year.

  • Graduates have gone on to attend some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities. In recent years, students have been accepted to national universities such as Harvard, Duke, and Princeton, and leading Christian universities such as Azusa Pacific, Biola, Westmont and Wheaton.

  • Whittier Christian High School students consistently outperform statewide and national averages on the SAT exam. Overall, the Class of 2017 scored an average of 1190, the college prep and honors students scored an average of 1203, and the Alpha Honors Program students scored an average of 1281, compared to a statewide average of 1070.

  • Many WCHS students get an early start on earning college credits by passing Advanced Placement tests. Over the past five years, students have passed 66 percent of AP exams, consistently performing above the state and national average pass rate.

  • The average number of students per classroom is less than 22. In core academic classes, the average number is 19 for honors classes and 23 for college preparatory classes.

  • Students have a number of opportunities to be recognized for their academic excellence, including: California Scholarship Federation; National Honor Society; Honor Roll; Student of the Quarter; Junior Honor Guards; Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Academic Guide

Our teachers work tirelessly to create a dynamic curriculum, one that equips the mind and spirit with a focus on rigor, relevance, and relationship.

To explore the academic course list, course selection information, specific graduation requirements of each academic diploma program, and college entrance requirements, view the WCHS Academic Catalog.

Academic Catalog

College Advising

Whittier Christian High School prides itself in its dynamic academic counseling department.

Our college advisors work alongside students to help them discover and use their God-given talents to reach educational and career success. Advisors meet with every student, every semester. This individual attention from 9th through 12th grade ensures that students are well informed about the college application process and adequately prepared for the transition to college or vocational school.

College Acceptances

In addition, we provide you and your family with the tools you need to assist in making decisions for the next step. Along your high school journey, we offer several college planning and spiritual growth tools, including specially created college/career days, detailed information nights on SAT and ACT tests, and a personalized online portal called Family Connection. Through Family Connection, parents and students can organize college planning. Together, they discover unique aspects of the student’s identity and career interests correlating with specific colleges and their majors. Our college advisors personally care about your student and desire to see them discover God’s calling for their future.

Learn more about College Advisement at WCHS

WCHS students consistently outperform statewide and national averages on the SAT and AP exams, and nearly 99 percent go on to attend college. In recent years, students have attended such schools as Harvard, Yale, UCLA and Wheaton. 

Learn More about student achievements at WCHS

Quick Fact: The Class of 2017 received over 6 million in university scholarships.

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