Visual Arts

Whether they’re just starting out or well on their way to becoming the next Michelangelo, students have plenty of opportunities to hone their visual art skills at Whittier Christian High School.

Art classes are offered at beginning through advanced levels, and each level includes drawing and painting, with a focus on understanding the principles, elements and history of art. Hands-on production of artwork makes up a good percentage of the class time, and careful craftsmanship is emphasized.

Classes Offered:

Art I, Art II, Honors Art, Advanceed Placement Studio Art (drawing and design), Art Design, Digital Art Design, Digital Photography


For students who enjoy the demanding and beautiful art of dance,

the WCHS Dance Program offers two levels of coursework that provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and skills in the genres of ballet and jazz. Through dance technique training, mock auditions, guest teachers, and performance reviews, students are able to grasp the athleticism and artistic quality of dance.

Each year, students are given two performance opportunities: the Christmas Fine Arts Celebration and the Spring Dance Recital. During the Spring Dance Recital, students are able to showcase their choreography and have the option of performing solos, duets, or in small groups. Dance classes also spend time watching and critiquing professional dance companies each semester, which allows them to enhance their writing skills as well as viewing different forms of dance.

Another opportunity open to all dancers on campus is Dance Ensemble, a dance ministry worship team. Dance Ensemble focuses primarily on learning repertoire and reaching out to the community to spread God’s message through dance.

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WCHS Dance Department

Instrumental Music

From jazz band to the orchestra to the pep band that boosts spirit at our football games, Whittier Christian High School offers many ways for skilled and aspiring musicians to get involved.

The WCHS Instrumental Music Department offers several levels of coursework, providing excellent education and performance-training in a wide variety of instrumental music. Classes offer an intensive yearlong process, in which students increase their knowledge of their instrument, music theory, and performance in a wide variety settings and genres. Classes also focus on the different eras of music history across a wide variety of cultures. Students learn how to critically listen and think about music, and become responsive musicians in writing, speaking, and playing.

Music opportunities at WCHS include:

  • Concert Band (for woodwind, brass and percussion)
  • Strings
  • Pep/Jazz Band
  • Numerous other solo and small ensemble opportunities

Each year, students are showcased at four major concerts on campus (Fall, Christmas, Spring, and Solos) and dozens of other venues across Southern California. Right before school starts, all band members go to a mandatory Band Retreat for team building and music intensives. WCHS is proud to have several professional musicians come in weekly for focused instruction for sections.

The Band department encourages private, one-on-one study with qualified music educators. 

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Whittier Christian High School Theatre Arts Program promotes a balanced approach for students to learn the art of theatre in order to use their talents for God's glory.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

The program provides four levels of coursework for students to hone their acting skills. Through instruction in a Theatre Arts class, students will develop an understanding of aesthetics, of historical and cultural awareness, and are able to recognize the interconnections between theatre arts and other disciplines. Students are trained in the fundamentals of theatre, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, pantomime, learning of lines, creation of character, projection of ideas and emotions and preparation and acting of scenes from plays. Acting projects will provide positive groups experiences in collaborative assignments, developing self-discipline, evaluating the performances of others, and accepting constructive criticism.

Instruction develops language skills and appreciation through reading dramatic literature; using written critiques; writing dramatic scenes, character analyses, play reports, and introductions; observing with sensitivity; listening critically; and speaking effectively.

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies" -Alexander Pope

WCHS Theatre classes include:

  • Theatre Arts I
  • Theatre Arts II
  • Theatre Arts III and IV (Honors)

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WCHS Theatre

Vocal Music

With three choirs and two small ensembles, the Choir Department gives students of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to use their voices to give praise to their Creator and honor Him with their singing.

The WCHS Vocal Music Department's goal is to develop students’ joy and love for music while developing their skills and understanding of musical styles, cultures, and genres. As we pursue perfection together, the ensemble programs emphasize the “team concept,” with the result that the group sound is more important than the individual.

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Opportunities for students include:

  • Girls Ensemble — for freshmen girls only (no audition needed)
  • Concert Choir — for girls in 10th through 12th grade and boys in 9th through 12th grades only (no audition needed)
  • Les Belles Voix — an advanced, small, female vocal ensemble, by audition only. Membership in Girls Ensemble, Concert Choir, and A Capella is mandatory for all members of this group.
  • A Cappella — an award-winning mixed advanced ensemble, by audition only

Each year, students sing at a variety of events on and off campus:

  • Fall Concert, an on-campus concert of sacred and folk music.

  • Christmas Celebration Concert, a concert with seasonal music performed by the choirs in combination with other fine arts classes.

  • ACSI Musicale and Command Performance, a two-day choir festival in Pasadena, giving the students opportunity to sing with 20–25 other Christian high school choirs. Events include six classical songs as combined choirs, individual choir adjudication, combined choir rehearsals, solo and small group adjudications, and a Friday evening Command Performance.

  • Spring Concert, an on-campus concert of sacred and classical music.

  • Off Broadway, a variety show compiled from many various Broadway musicals, giving students the opportunity to sing theatrical music in group and individual settings.

  • Many other events, including singing at local nursing homes, WCHS chapels, elementary and middle school chapels, Disneyland, SCVA Festivals, the Azusa Pacific University Invitational Festival, the La Habra High School Invitational Festival, City of La Habra events, and local church services.